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5 Levers
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Sharing ideas about how to secure change to create a fairer
and more sustainable world
We are all facing a bleak future unless we are prepared to accept fundamental changes to the way we live our lives, Such change will only come about when we are ready to take greater control over our lives, which means doing a lot of things in new ways.

Note: The term ‘we’, as used on this website and in associated videos, means all those who are committed to bringing about real and lasting improvements for the benefit of the people.

The purpose of this website is to explore how and what needs to change if the lives of the mass of people is to fundamentally improve. Together, we can explore how and what needs to change if we are to improve the daily lives of ordinary people.

Securing substantive change requires the simultaneous application of the five levers of change. Together, these levers combine to bring about organizational, political, economic, educational and social change, which are summarised as:
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Videos about 5 levers of change
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